Etre une femme en Australie 💋

Une des premières choses qui m’a énormément plu ici c’est la sécurité et la liberté. La liberté de pouvoir s’habiller comme on le souhaite, de ne jamais avoir peur que ça fasse “trop”, que ce soit “too much”, trop court, etc … La liberté de pouvoir rentrer toute seule le soir, que ce soit à … Continue reading Etre une femme en Australie 💋

“you should date an Aussie to get a visa” 😂😒

Kangaroo Valley, Australia My face when they say “you should date an Aussie to get a visa”I know it’s a bit of a taboo topic still but I have people telling me this almost EVERY WEEK. And it needs to stop.1. a woman can get her own visa, even if it’s more complicated and expensive2. … Continue reading “you should date an Aussie to get a visa” 😂😒


Brighton Bathing Boxes, Australia Who am I?Where do I come from? What’s my background? Dad was born in Angola, then lived in Portugal and France.Mum was born in Portugal and lived in France.I was born in France but I live in Australia. I remember struggling with my identity growing up. My cultural background is definitely Portuguese … Continue reading Identity.

Letter to myself 🌼 💛

Wineglass Bay, Australia Last year I’ve discovered the power of writing letters, to others and to myself. I found it very helpful to identify my emotions and letting go of them.Mental health is SO important. Please make sure to regularly take time to check in with yourself 🖤 (08/07/2019) Dear Cindy,  You are about to … Continue reading Letter to myself 🌼 💛

The “dark side” of Instagram

“When you come face to face with those who do not understand you, who question you, who are not ready for the message you are bringing in … GOOD! For this is a sure sign you are facing the right direction.” - Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise 💫 I posted a video on my personal … Continue reading The “dark side” of Instagram

“Trust the timing of your life”

Kirra beach, Coolangatta - Australia 🌊 Cooly or the new place I get to call home. I used to live in Sydney - on and off since 2015 and always thought I’ll move up here “one day”.  8 months ago: I did a mini solo road trip from Brisbane to Byron. Stopped in Coolangatta and … Continue reading “Trust the timing of your life”

“One day or day one”

"Nobody - not a voice of authority, not your mama, not the foremost expert in your arena - gets to tell you how big your dreams can be. They can talk all they want ... but you get to decide if you're willing to listen. Another reason people give up on their dreams? It's difficult … Continue reading “One day or day one”