Sydney – I’m back! Why I left the Gold Coast 😢

I haven’t been very active on the blog and Instagram lately mostly because I’ve decided to move interstate (again!) ✈️
I absolutely loved my time in Coolangatta and the last 4 months confirmed me that it’s definitely the place I can see myself living in the future. But not for now.

– I moved by myself, without knowing anyone there, at the worst time of our global pandemic crisis … and I honestly felt lonely. I’ve made a couple of friends and met amazing people but I missed my people here, in Sydney.

– Life was a bit quiet for me up there. I’m a busy person who enjoys going out and having options. I missed my Sydneysider lifestyle but I know I’ll probably get over it in a couple of years. I’ll be more than happy to move back to a more chilled and less busy place.

– One thing I love about Sydney is the diversity. I like being at the beach and not seeing two persons that look exactly the same. 

Main reason is: job opportunities! Unfortunately there’s faaaar less job offers for registered nurses in the Gold Coast. And I found it very difficult / impossible to find sponsorship possibilities.

So I packed my suitcases (I became so good at this seriously) and moved for the 13th time in the last 5 years (but who’s counting!) 😳
I didn’t tell any of my friends (except for 2) and organised a surprise during our annual weekend getaway 🥰 I now moved with one of my best friend and her boyfriend (#3rdwheelforever) and I’m applying for jobs everyday.

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