“Trust the timing of your life”

Kirra beach, Coolangatta – Australia

🌊 Cooly or the new place I get to call home. I used to live in Sydney – on and off since 2015 and always thought I’ll move up here “one day”. 

8 months ago: I did a mini solo road trip from Brisbane to Byron. Stopped in Coolangatta and felt in love with the beach, the small city, the friendly people and their good vibes. 
4 months ago: SCU emailed me to let me know they’ve accepted my application for the EPIQ program.
2 months ago: moved here and absolutely loving it! 


I’ve started my nursing registration process in 2018, had to do my English test twice because I failed the first time by 0.5pts, I’ve been through a lengthy administration process for 7 months only to get my application refused, I had to start again and waited for another 5 months … they refused it for the second time. I was running out of options, had to leave my home, go back to Europe, sold all of my furniture thinking I’ll never make it back to Australia. But I kept pushing forward, when the door closed, I’ve tried all the windows, sent hundreds of emails and one day someone said yes.

What changed? Me. I’ve shifted the direction of my frustration and anger toward administrations, stopped blaming others and transformed this energy into determination. I started to believe that everything will happen exactly as it is supposed to. And it did. 

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